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Articulated Non-Overcenter

An aerial lift that is articulated non-overcenter lift that’s upper boom stays at a constant angle when it’s being lifted or lowered so the system mechanically prevents the upper boom from traveling overcenter.

Articulated Over Center

An aerial lift that is articulated over-center lift offers over 50’ of horizontal reach to achieve access to difficult areas.


Safety is the most important goal in our field of industry. Insulated bucket trucks allow workers to achieve their intended purpose on energized lines while staying safe. The non-conductive basket, non-conductive liners and non-conducted gap between the upper boom and elbow provide protection from electrocution.


Telescopic aerial lifts have various models that can be used on multiple types of vehicles including vans, and non-CDL trucks. Because they move horizontally and vertically they are often preferred for lighting and signage maintenance.

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