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Fold Up

Fold-up liftgates are typically found on flatbed trucks and dump trucks. This can be used by landscapers, general contractors and others who are looking for the ability to dump as well as lift on a single vehicle. Fold-up lift gates can sustain medium or heavy loads.

Rail Gate

Rail gate liftgates fold up against the rear door of the vehicle, these are ideal for light to medium weight cargo, up to about 3,000 lbs. These liftgates are typically mounted on pickup trucks, cargo vans, dry-freight and utility trucks. Using chains or cables through hydraulic power, the platform is lifted and lowered.

Tuck Under

Tuck-under liftgates are stored under the body of the vehicle to have swift access to the cargo area without engaging the platform. These are often seen in food and beverage companies, nurseries and rental companies. They work exceptionally well for step vans, service body trucks and flat beds. 

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